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Aligning Benefits To Sponsorship Objectives – Part 4

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This is the final installment of our blog series on how to align benefits to sponsor objectives.

Throughout this series, we have identified and focussed on eight core objectives that, when unpacked correctly, can create an alignment and partnership that can provide real value. The first six objectives we identified, and showed examples of benefits which can be aligned to, are:

Part 1 – Brand Awareness and Brand Positioning

Part 2 – Networking and Building an Audience

Part 3 – Relationship Building and Community Engagement

In our final installment, we take a look at how to align benefits to the sponsorship objectives of Qualifying Leads and Generating Sales.


Qualified Leads is a great objective for a sponsor to want to achieve through a rights holder. The audience you can provide is already engaged and, quite often, will provide a higher level of realisation than that of other marketing channels available to a sponsor.

The Qualified Leads objective is about using opportunities, provided by you, the rights holder, to develop a list of leads which are specifically gained through the association of the brand with the rights holder.

Some great assets you can provide to help achieve this objective include:

  • Key event/program advertising and activations – providing opportunities to demonstrate products or to drive an objective direct to a live and engaged audience.
  • Digital content for sponsor use – targeted at directly a the rights holder’s audience and providing engagement opportunities e.g. competitions.
  • Member offers – leveraging the trust and networks of the rights holder to deliver specific offers and opportunities to members.
  • Website and social media advertising – for the brand to access an engaged audience.
  • Competitions – to capture contact details, to continue engagement later, from people who are members or fans of the rights holder.
  • Direct Mail, eDM or SMS – to bring multiple lead generating tools together.
  • Survey’s – to obtain valuable insights into member and fan behaviours.


This is the Holy Grail for most sponsors. It is important, however, to approach it correctly and, in the process, protect the integrity and image of both the rights holder and the sponsor. The key is to tastefully generate opportunities to execute direct sales to networks and communities provided accessed through the rights holder.

Key assets you can consider to help achieve this objective include:

  • Designations, IP use and endorsements such as ‘Official Supplier’ or ‘Exclusive Provider’ titles – to position a level of excellence which loyal fans and members will follow.
  • Ambassadors and appearances onsite – these are particularly useful at retail outlets to attract an audience and drive sales through the star power provided.
  • Advertising opportunities at events, within programs or through digital assets.
  • Direct Mail, eDM or SMS – to bring multiple lead generating tools together.

To be successful in helping to generate sales, often, a sponsor will need to activate a number of the other core objectives such as Brand Positioning, Community Engagement and Qualified Leads. As such, this makes this objective mostly only available to those partners who have a deeper engagement and larger financial contribution.


Over the series, we have spoken about eight core objectives and all of the supporting benefits. The key is to now put it all together by selecting benefits that you, as a rights holder, have available in your inventory to deliver AND the capability and means to provide value to your partner.

There is no point in creating assets which are hard for you to deliver because you will never be able to provide a meaningful asset for a corporate partner. Instead, once you understand what the objectives of your partner or prospective partner are, you should then discuss ONLY the assets that you can deliver so as to provide mutual value and benefit. Things to consider here are the value of the asset you are offering versus the financial contribution of the sponsor. And, more importantly, the cost to you as a rights holder to service that benefit.


This blog series has been a leader to a great new tool we have created called Sponsorship Planner. The sponsorship planner cards bring to life the specific benefits which can align to the eight core objectives and, by using a visual tool, you can build a relationship which aligns directly and exclusively to the objectives of your partner. You can find out more about, and order, the cards here.

We’ll also be turning this series into a free e-book, so if you want to grab a copy, get in touch via info@

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Mark specialises in sponsorship and diversified income strategies and has used this expertise across the Community, Semi-Professional and Professional Sports sectors. He combines hands-on experience in managing the expectations and obligations of sponsors with marketing and stakeholder engagement to deliver outstanding results.

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