At SponServe, we are all about making you the best sponsorship or commercial manager you can be. That’s why our focus is on alleviating those painful things you experience day-to-day.

Maybe it’s too much admin and spreadsheets, maybe it’s not having information at your fingertips, maybe it’s not having enough time to spend on relationships or maybe it’s not enough coffee.

OK, we can’t really help with the coffee thing but we can help with most of the frustrating things that you experience in the complex and dynamic world of sponsorship.

When you read the pain points below, if any of them resonate with you, and you are wanting to take action to make them go away, then maybe we should chat?

Besides, isn’t it about time you had the best tool for the job?


Rights Holder Pain Points

1. Adjusting Standard Benefits By Sponsor

2. Generating A List Of Benefits To Deliver By Event

3. Making Delivery Notes Against Benefits For Specific Sponsors

4. Managing Activation Information Needed From Sponsors

5. Managing Agreements Over Multiple Years

6. Managing Due And Tracking Received Value In Kind

7 . Over Selling Of Inventory

8. Protecting Knowledge When Staff Turnover

9. Quick Sponsor Updates by Lead-Proposal-Confirmed

10. Recording Delivery Of Benefits With Specific Notes

11. Visibility Of Invoice Schedules

12. Vision Of Benefits Not Yet Delivered

13. Vision Of Distressed Inventory

14. Vision Of Expired Inventory

15. Vision Of Unsold Inventory

Brand/Sponsor Pain Points

1. Being Able To See Benefits That Have Been Delivered

2. Conducting WIP Meetings

3. Ensuring Objectives Are Known

4. Managing Benefits Across Multiple Regions

5. Sharing Up To Date Files With Rights Holders Logos, Style Guides etc

6. Tracking Activation Costs

7. Tracking and Measuring Value In Kind

8. Tracking The Success And ROI Of Various Sponsorships

9. Understanding What Rights Holders Need To Activate Our Sponsorship

10. Visibility Of Unused Benefits

11. Visibility Of Delivered Benefits

12. Visibility Of Start And End Dates

Did you nod your head a lot?

Did you nod your head a lot while you were reading those pain points? That’s a sure-fire sign that we can help you.

Maybe you should enquire about taking a closer look at our software?