Sponsoring Santa 2015

What Would Sponsoring Santa Look Like In 2015?

December 22nd, 2015 Posted by No Comment yet

The jolly fat man has a big job to do and not a lot of revenue streams to help make it happen.

Seriously, he’d need a lot of $20 photo shoots to cover what would be some massive expenses! I got a D for maths in Year 10 so my head hurts just thinking about that calculation. Mr Cronin would be shaking his head … again.

Big job, limited revenue and huge expenses. That’s why the time has come for Santa to consider sponsorship. So, we’ve put together this infographic looking at what Santa could offer the corporate world.

No doubt, like everyone else’s commercial programs, there are some properties and opportunities missed. Got an idea for a benefit of supplier category for 2016? Does Santa need satellite navigation, fuel or maybe some antacid? Let me know and we’ll include it in next year’s version.

A big thanks to those brands who so easily agreed to let us use their logo in this Christmas fun. Legends!

Sponsoring Santa 2015


Daniel Oyston - SponServe

Daniel Oyston // Director

Combining sponsorship experience with a vast range of marketing, branding and stakeholder engagement roles, across many different industries, Daniel specialises in helping organisations leverage their sponsorship agreements, communication channels and content to ensure rights holders and sponsors realise return on investment.

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