Providing Value To Sponsors Through Video

Providing Value To Sponsors Through Video: How To Do It Easily and Cheaply.

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I want to talk to you about a golden opportunity you might be missing that can add a tonne of value to your sponsors very easily. Video.

These days, you have the ability to easily publish content and get it in front of your audience quickly. You are probably already doing this with blogs, articles and images and pushing them out on your website, emails and social channels.

However, I see a lot of rights holders not making good use of video and it is probably because they think that shooting, editing and publishing a top quality video is hard.

I mean, first you have to have expensive equipment like a camera, microphones and maybe some lighting. Then you have to shoot it and then get it back to your desk to get it off the camera and edited before you even have something that you can share with your audience.

That’s all fine if you have an in-house media team who look s after all that stuff. But if you don’t have that in place, then good quality video is out of reach, right? If you are thinking of creating video during your events then it becomes almost impossible, right?


These days, you don’t need a big budget, or be Steven Spielberg, to create awesome videos that connect with your audience. You can create great quality video, at little expense, and even get it branded and published during your events when your audience is highly engaged with your organisation and sponsors.

And, unless you haven’t been paying attention to the world lately, video content is exploding because it is such a rich medium that engages people.

So how do you utilise video easily and cheaply?

Busivid is the answer.

Disclaimer: SponServe has no affiliation with Busivid nor do we receive any commissions or kickbacks if you or anyone else uses it. It is simply an awesome product that I want to share because I think you can probably use it to add value to your sponsors.

Busivid is a video production and publishing platform that works right off an app on your phone.

It allows you to produce quality branded video content within minutes and then publish it to your social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as via email & SMS.

How you can use Busivid

There are lots of opportunities for you to be using video to engage with your audience and add value to sponsors. I’ll use half-time in a sporting event as an example to show you how easy it would be to use Busivid.

Not only is it a great opportunity to engage with your audience but a benefit which you may not already be offering to a sponsor (and hence not realising income).

How about we create a half-time video segment called “Coaches Update brought to you by Car Yards Plus”. The idea being that you access one of the coaches, on the way to the dressing room, for a 30-60 second insight into the game.



Busivid allows you to set up multiple branding templates and they’ll even do t for you!  Busivid will set up your animated intro and closing screens, include your logo, the Car Yards Plus logo, some music and some animation. Don’t worry, you can still edit and change them later.

They also set a watermark, in this case, the Car Yards Plus logo. This will appear on the video throughout.

You might even consider asking them to include a call to action, in the closing scene, for Card Yards Plus such as “Use code ABC123 to receive a year’s worth of free road side assistance with any used car purchase”.

Note: Busivid allows you to set up multiple branding templates that you simply select when you import a video. For example, you might have a pre and post-game segment as well which is sponsored by a different brand. Once set up, it will be in the app ready for you.


With all your branding set-up, all you need to do now is prep the subject and use your phone to record the interview or segment.

Your phone, unless you are still rocking the Nokia 5210e, will shoot HD video perfectly fine. You will need a microphone; something like the iRig Microphone, which can plug directly into your headphone socket and you can hold the microphone to yourself as well as the subject (just like those fancy TV people!).

You might also use a tripod or hand held cradle if you don’t have the hands of a surgeon.

The guys at Busivid have all your needs covered with pre-made kits, full of the equipment you need, already bundled together at great prices.


To add the magic, open the Busivid app, select your branding template, select a music track (making any adjustments you want such as volume, fading etc) and then import your video. The app then compresses the video and sends it to the cloud for processing and then a few minutes later your video is ready to publish, complete with branding and music.

At this point, you can edit the video and when you are happy, you simply publish it from within the app to your social accounts (be sure to tag or mention the sponsor). You can even email or SMS the link to the sponsor so they can download and share the video through their channels.

So, within 10 minutes, you’ve created and shared an engaging piece of sponsor branded content that delivers value for everyone (sponsor, fans and your organisation). It was easy and inexpensive.

See it in action

There is a great ‘in action’ video explainer on the Busivid website where you can see how super easy it is to import a video, apply the branding and publish the video. Check it out here.

Endless possibilities

The possibilities, for creating short, sharp and engaging videos that provide value to sponsors, are endless. Maybe you do updates at trainings, speak to athletes pre, during or post event. Venture into the crowd and get some fan insights.

It’s up to you but there is no excuse for missing this golden opportunity for you and your sponsors.

Note: If you do want to use Busivid, be sure to let them know that I referred you as they said they’d sort you out with a good deal. 

Daniel Oyston - SponServe

Daniel Oyston // Director

Combining sponsorship experience with a vast range of marketing, branding and stakeholder engagement roles, across many different industries, Daniel specialises in helping organisations leverage their sponsorship agreements, communication channels and content to ensure rights holders and sponsors realise return on investment.

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